Abeer Abdelwahab Ibrahim Hassanin

Abeer Abdelwahab Ibrahim Hassanin |Clyto Access

Genetics and Genetic Engineering, Egypt


Expertise: Genetics, Molecular biology, Marine Biotechnology, Cytochrome P450


My name is Abeer Abdelwahab Ibrahim Hassanin, from Ismailia, Egypt. Graduate on June, 2000 from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Suez Canal University. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Genetics and Genetic Engineering at the same Faculty. I am aware of the problem of water pollution and what it poses to human health. I have started working in this area from the genetical point of view since 13 years ago during my M.Sc, Ph.D. and thereafter, I have worked on the genes (cytochrome P450), the products of which are involved in the metabolism of most lethal environmental contaminants like benzo (a) pyrene as well as some endogenous compounds that lead to carcinogenesis. And succeeded to clone three new genes from tilapia and achieving some important results in the expression of those genes. I was able to publish my work results in six International Journals and Conferences. My long term goal is to do research in this field and to learn how I can improve this problem in my country by comparing and contrasting with the practices adopted in the world.

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